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Office Manager

My name is Vicky Bougla, I was born and raised in Trikala.
My 8-year term as a notary secretary gave me insights into real estate and instilled a love for the real estate market. I think this profession chose me and I chose it.
In 2005 I started my firm.
In 2010 I moved to my own space, on the ground floor, on Eleftheriou Venizelou 9 and Zappa, at Trikala.
the year of 2016 was  a milestone year for me, as I received my degree from the Greek Open University in the "Business and Organizations Management" section.
From 2017 until this year 2019, I attended the Real Estate program created by UOA on the e-learning platform and received the following certifications:
-   Real estate appraiser
-   Real estate agent
-   Real Estate Investment and Finance
-   Real Estate Management
I devote sufficient time to continuing education and training by attending workshops, seminars and training programs related to real estate appraisal, promotion, social media, affiliate marketing, etc., in my effort to offer the best service to my office clients.
I am a member of the Trikala Agents Association, of the Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, the Association of Trikala of Economists and Accountants,  the Association of Greek Appraisers, the Hellenic Appraisal Institute, the Association of BPOr of Greece, of the Hellenic Property Federation.